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Junior and Senior High Course Medalists Announced


Course medals are awarded each year to junior and senior high students earning the highest grade-point average in each class and subject. The names of the medal winners in grades 7-11 were announced at an awards ceremony held in the Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre May 1. This is the highest honor a student can receive in a course. (Senior medalists will receive recognition at the high school commencement exercises.) Congratulations to the course medal winners!

Art: Junior High Art, Sadie Alello; 7th-Grade Art Honors, Mikalyn Shay; 8th-Grade Art Honors, Ethan Ho; Art I, Brieanna Saltzman; Art I Honors, Katherine Hinkle; Art II, Jensen Holliday; Art II Honors Audrey Guess; Art III, Rachel Hargrove; Media Arts, Aubri Watts; Painting I, Erin Oehrle.

Computer: Computer Applications, Megan Shaneyfelt; Computer Science, Dawson Latona.

Dance: Jazz, Classical and Lyrical Dance, Hailey Lester.

Drama: Junior High Drama, Katie Brigman; Theatre I and II, Sydney Mistretta.  

Foreign Languages: Junior High French, Caleb Johnston; French I, Emily Schacht; French II, Gareth Oram; French III Honors, Mickey Kaiser; Junior High Latin, Olivia Chaisson; Latin I, Mason Pentes; Latin II, Joseph Ismail; Latin III Honors, Connor Porthouse; Spanish I, Michal Gawronski; Spanish II, Ansley Brown; Spanish III Honors, Madisan Milam.

Language Arts: Junior High - English 7, Caleb Johnston; Junior High - English 7 Honors, Caroline Pousson; Junior High - English 8, Grant Gueho; Junior High - English 8 Honors, Emma Collett; High School - American Studies English, Aubri Watts; English I, Emily Schacht; English II, Fatima Ahmad; English II Honors, Joseph Ismail; English III, Carlie Aucoin; English Language and Composition AP, Ryan Ly.

Mathematics: Advanced Math Pre-Calculus, Connor Porthouse; Algebra I, Grant Gueho; Algebra 2, Dawson Latona; Calculus AP AB, Natalia Tooraen; Geometry, Emma Collett; Pre-Algebra, Megan Shaneyfelt.

Music: 7th-Grade Band, Raegan Oubre; 8th-Grade Band, Zeena Shammout; High School Band, Evan Beoubay; Advanced Harp, Chloe Bueche and Kyra Reeves; Advanced Strings, Andrew Schacht; Junior High Piano I, Jonathan Harper; Junior High Piano II, Brianna Williams; Piano I, Jensen Holliday; Piano 2, Collin Coates.

Physical Education/Sports Medicine: 7th-Grade Boys P.E., Ali Ismail; 8th-Grade Boys P.E., Alex Lam; High School Boys P.E., Connor Porthouse; High School Girls P.E., Ryan Roper; Jr. High Girls P.E., Emma Collett; Sports Medicine, John Hillman.

Science: Biology, Andee Alexander; Biology Honors, Reagan Kyle; Chemistry, Minna Ismail; Chemistry Honors, Connor Porthouse; Chemistry AP, Ryan Ly; Earth Science, Phoebe Koontz; Life Science, Lily Hayden; Life Science Honors, Addison Watson; Physical Science, Cooper Smither.

Social Studies: American History, Carlie Aucoin; American Studies - History, Jenna Carballo; Human Geography AP, Jensen Holliday; Jr. High American History, Addison Watson; Louisiana Studies, Emma Collett; U.S. History AP, Eric Ho; World Geography, Jacob Tate; World History AP, Joseph Ismail.