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High School Poems Headed for Publication


Ten of our high school students recently had their poems accepted for publication in Creative Communication’s fall literary anthology, A Celebration of Today’s Writers. 
The new authors and their poems are sophomores Mia Alfonso, A Clean Slate; Evan Beoubay, Destined for Success; Caroline Collins, Red; Barrett Couvillon, I Am; Kyle Preston, Stressed; Christopher Normand, This Is Just To Say; Christopher Ortego, Ink and Blood; Emma Schlotterer, Surrounding Me; Grant Treadaway, Isolation; and Ellerie Tregre, The Peace of My Backyard. 
In a letter informing the school that the poems had been chosen for publication, Creative Communications editor Thomas K. Worthen wrote: “The teachers and students of your school should feel honored…. Publishing the high merit poems from our contest creates a record of what is important to today’s students.”    
The poems were submitted by high school English teacher Michele Stanfield when the students were in her class as freshmen last spring.