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Runnels Senior Earns Perfect 36 on ACT


Anna Kadi has earned a perfect score of 36 on the ACT college entrance exam! Only one-tenth of one percent of students who take the test achieve this highest possible score. That’s about one in every one-thousand students. 
“Anna is an extremely accomplished yet humble young lady,” said Assistant Head of School and Junior and Senior High Principal Conchetta Foshee. “It takes a tremendous amount of consistent effort to achieve at this level.”
In addition to earning the maximum score on the ACT, Anna recently was named a 2019 National Merit Semifinalist and a 2018 AP (Advanced Placement) Scholar. She has been a student at Runnels since kindergarten.
Runnels Head of School Marcia Mackay said it was an honor to be able to “claim her as a Runnels ‘Lifer.’” 
When asked what it takes to make a perfect 36, Anna said, “I really didn’t think I was going to get it.” This was her third attempt. “I really wanted it,” she said, “I made a 35 before. It was super-hard to cross that last margin.”
To prepare for her college entrance exams, Anna said she worked extensively with a local tutor who helped her tremendously. She also studied ACT review books and took practice tests. 
Her advice to anyone who wants to do well on the ACT is to study pointedly for this particular exam. “On the test, they’re looking for really specific things,” she explained. Her best areas were science, math, and reading. Anna said she plans to study physics in college and pursue a career in a medical physics field. 
While a dedicated scholar, Anna finds time to get involved in campus clubs and sports. She is an active member of the Senior Beta Club, the National Honor Society, and the varsity tennis team. This year, she’s also captain of the girls soccer team at Runnels.
The daughter of Lisa and Joe Kadi, Anna said that her parents have been very supportive and are “super-proud” of her.