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Teachers Celebrate Milestones at Runnels


Teachers love Runnels, and we have the numbers to prove it. At our All-School Faculty Meeting on Aug. 8 in the Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre, Head of School Marcia Mackay announced that 38 of our teachers have been at Runnels for more than 10 years.
At the faculty meeting, four teachers were recognized for 20 years of service. Congratulations to Leah Jordan, Jean Martinez, Christine Pousson, and Allison Wrenn.  Each was presented with a lifetime pass to all productions on our main stage and in the Drama Room. 
For the record (and many thanks to Admissions Director Sarah Haase for compiling and keeping track of these figures), our kindergarten director, Paula Naquin, and elementary secretary, Pam Culp, have been with us the longest -- 36 years! (When teachers reach the 30-year milestone, they are presented with a permanent parking space at school.)
As a point of interest, here are the numbers for the rest of the faculty: Wendy Worsham, 27.5 years; Mark Landry, 25 years; John Baird and Tookie Johnson, 24 years; Karen Runnels and Marcia Gregg, 23 years; Pamela Babcock, Renee Crow, Lee Randall, Johnice Thoms, and Janice Leger, 22 years; Jill Swetnam, 19 years; Rhonda Tucker, 15 years; Dan and Jennifer Cassin and Julie Fink, 14 years; Amy Taliaferro, Dana Schlotterer, Sarah Haase, Karen Rhinehart, Renee Miller, and Michelle Barnett (returning teacher), 13 years; Marcella Babcock, 12 years; Beth Golden, Robin Foley, Caroline Hader, Jennifer Marino, Norma Marsh, Vallerie Myer, and Tish Tooraen, 11 years, Michele Stanfield, 11.5 years; and Mary Winnett, Colleen LeBlanc, and Neena McLain, 10 years.
We’re delighted to congratulate and thank them for their extensive and valuable service to our school.