Fifth-Grade Election Results


The fifth-graders recently took part in a series of lessons and activities designed to inform them about how the American political system works. Earlier this month, they hit the campaign trail to elect a president, vice president and treasurer for the upcoming school year.
The students formed political parties, nominated candidates, developed platforms, designed and put up campaign posters, presented political speeches, organized an election (with campaign buttons, hats, and pins), and voted for the party of their choice.   
The parties and candidates were: the Chillin’ Chinchillas – Rowen Basso president, Lilah Wartelle, vice president, and Amelia Guess, treasurer; the Kourageous Koalas – Sarah Ortlieb, president, Yaseen Zaid, vice president, and Danyel Howell, treasurer; and the Ferocious Felines – Jake Carey, president, Annie Garrison, vice president, and Taylor Valentine, treasurer.
When the votes were counted, the Ferocious Felines carried the day. Congratulations to newly elected officers of the rising sixth-grade class, Jake Carey, Annie Garrison, and Taylor Valentine. 
Fifth-grade election season concluded with an inaugural ceremony for the new officers in the Catalano Gym on May 21. Head of School Marcia Mackay swore in the new officers, and retiring class president Ben Hader and incoming president Jake Carey gave brief addresses to the class. 
We sincerely thank fifth-grade social studies teacher Cheyenne Davis for organizing the election activities, the Advanced String Orchestra directed by Jennifer Cassin for providing music for the ceremony, and Laura Roark for hosting the inaugural festivities.