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Runnels “Raider Stars of the Year” Announced


All through the school year, students in grades 1-6 at Runnels Elementary School are awarded “Raider Pride” tickets for acts of kindness, courtesy, cooperation, service to others, and many other positive behaviors we encourage and celebrate in our school community. 
For consistently exhibiting these admirable qualities, one student from each section is chosen by teachers to become a “Raider Star of the Year.” Award winners were announced at end-of-the-year assemblies and the Sixth-Grade Graduation Ceremony. Congratulations to the 2018 “Raider Stars of the Year.”
1st Grade: Paislee Ray, 1A; Ella Ferguson, 1B, and Rayan Shah, 1C.
2nd Grade: Ryan Funk, 2A; Lily Downing, 2B; and Nathan D’Gerolamo, 2C.
3rd Grade: Tyler Felton, 3A; Lauren Ly, 3b; and Olive Pittman, 3C.
4th Grade: Emily Khalil, 4A; Sammy Ismail, 4B; and John Harper Wilkinson, 4C.
5th Grade: Ashlynn Harper, 5A; Danyel Howell, 5B; and Chloe Hall, 5C.
6th Grade: Ben Hader, 6A, Addison Watson, 6B and Megan Shaneyfelt, 6C