Runnels 2018 Spring Art Show Winners Announced


The 2018 Runnels School-Wide Spring Art Show, held April 29 in the Catalano Gym, featured more than 1,000 pieces of original artwork created by students in preschool through high school.  For the event, the gym was styled as an upscale art gallery, with paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures, and digital student art on display.
Awards were presented in the categories of Judge’s Choice, Student’s Choice, Principal’s Choice, Assistant Principal's Choice, and Librarian’s Choice.  Artwork winning Judge’s Choice awards in grades 7-12 will be on display in the foyer of the Gladys Hague Runnels Theater on the school’s S. Harrell’s Ferry Rd. campus for one year. The judges for the show were not affiliated with Runnels. Principal’s, Assistant Principal’s and Librarian’s Choice award winners will go on permanent display in school offices and libraries.
Judge’s Choice
2D (Junior High) 
Maddie Reonas (7), “Night Vision,” block print
Katie Hinkle (8), “Koi,” Prismacolor
2D (High School)
Bailey McCurley (9), “Chameleon,” Prismacolor
Madisan Milam (9), “Seafood,” watercolor
Cana Brumfield (10), “Single Line Drawing,” ink 
Seth Miller (11), “Alpha,”  scratchboard
3D (High School) 
Kayleigh Nicholson (11), “Elephant in the Room,” paper 
Jacque Desporte (10), “Professor Hoot,” clay 
Rachel Hargrove (10) “Black Sabbath,” cardboard
Media Arts (High School
Hudson Hillman (10), “Double Exposure: Ben,” digital art 
Jillian Edmonson (11), “Six Word Story,” digital art 
AP Art (High School) 
Alexis Rogers (12), “Self Portrait,” Prismacolor 
Student’s Choice
2D (Grades 1-4)
1st, Nathan D’Gerolamo (2), “Pokemon,” marker
2nd, Lauren Ly (3), “Winnie the Pooh Gothic,” mixed media
3rd, Lila Brumfield (3), “Lulu,” tempera
Honorable Mention, Mason Wiltcher (2), “Snake,” mixed media
Honorable Mention, Maddon Ferguson (3), “Sunset Cactus,” mixed media
3D (Grades 1-4)
1st, Tyler Felton (3), “Killer Scorpion,” papier mache
2nd, Lila Brumfield (3), “Grasshopper,” papier mache
3rd, Nicholas Power-Erickson (2), “Milly Millipede,” papier mache
Honorable Mention, Lily Downing (2), “Lillian the Butterfly,” papier mache
Honorable Mention, Dana Badawi (3), “Butterfly,” papier mache
2D (Grades 4-6)
1st, Izzy Arey (6), “Elephant,” pastel
2nd, Aidan Dooley (6), “My Dogs,” pastel
3rd, Mikalyn Shay (6), “Wolf,” pastel
Honorable Mention, Connor Joubert (4), “Bugs Bunny,” marker 
Honorable Mention, Jack Ezell (5), “Dragon,” marker
2D (Junior High)
1st, Phoebe Koontz (7), “Across the Universe,” acrylic
2nd, Ethan Ho (7), “All About Ethan,” ink
3rd, Josh Freeman (8), “Told You I Could Draw,” scratchboard
Honorable Mention, Emma Collett (7) “Illumination” scratchboard
Honorable Mention, Ramsey Rogers (8), “Elk-Photo X,” Prismacolor
2D (High School)
1st, Seth Miller (11), “Self Portrait,” Prismacolor 
2nd, Seth Miller (11), “Alpha,” scratchboard 
3rd Eric Ho (7), “Oppression: Vietnam War,” scratchboard
Honorable Mention, Cana Brumfield (10), “Homeless,” scratchboard
Honorable Mention, Moe Church (12), “Dragon Friends,” oil paint 
3D (High School)
1st, Cole Latiolais (10), “Is Mayonaise an Instrument?” cardboard 
2nd, Rachel Hargrove (10), “Black Sabbath,” cardboard 
3rd, Kayleigh Nicholson (11), “Elephant in the Room,” paper
Honorable Mention, Jacque Desporte (10), “Professor Hoot,” clay 
Honorable Mention, Kayleigh Nicholson (11), “Beatrix Potter,”  clay
Media Arts (High School)
1st, Emma Schlotterer (9), “Mutant: Hedge Hog/Pineapple,” digital art
2nd, Griffin Kennedy (11), “Poly Portrait: Dog,” digital art 
3rd, Hudson Hillman (10), “Poly Portrait: Goldfish,” digital art 
Honorable Mention, Trent King (11), “Visual Story: Simple Life,” digital art 
Honorable Mention, Kyle Sieberth (12), “Visual Story: Swinging at a Dream,” digital art
AP Art (High School)
1st, Alexis Rogers (12) “Jaws,” scratchboard
Principal’s and Librarian’s Choice Awards
Elementary Principal’s Choice 
Paul Stevenson (6), “Tiger,” colored pencil
Aidan Dooley (6), “My Dog,s” pastel
Jack Ezell (5), “Dragon,” marker
Lila Brumfield (3), “Lulu,” tempera
Brodi Linford (K), “O’Keefe Inspired Flowers,” tempera
Elementary Assistant Principal's Choice 
Claire Clavetter (3), “Cactus with Pink Flowers,” mixed media
Elementary Librarian’s Choice
Gavin Foley (2), “Deer Fawn,” marker
Alyssa Oubre (6), “Really?” pastel
Wilks Pittman (6), “Colored Pencils,” colored pencil
Jr./Sr. High School Principal’s Choice 
Amelia Breeden (7), “Ready for Summer,” colored pencil
Emma Schlotterer (9), “Mutant: Hedge Hog/Pineapple,” digital art
Aubri Watts (10), “Mermaid,” mixed media
Moe Church (12), “Dragon Friends,” oil paint
Jr./Sr. High Vice Principal and Assistant Principal's Choice 
Phoebe Koontz (7), “Across the Universe,” acrylic
Ramsey Rogers (8), “Giraffe,” Prismacolor
Madisan Milam (9), “Seafood,” watercolor
Madisan Milam (9), “Lonely Rooster,” watercolor
Garrett Rhinehart (9), “Louisiana Stamps,” digital art