Course Medals Presented in Junior and Senior High


Course medals are presented each year to junior and senior high students earning the highest grade-point average in each class and subject. The names of the medal winners were announced at an awards ceremony held in the Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre on April 25.  This is the highest honor a student can receive in a course. (Senior medalists will receive recognition at the high school graduation ceremony.) Congratulations to our grade 7-11 course medal winners!
Art:  Junior High Art, Katherine Brigman; 7th-Grade Art Honors, Ethan Ho; 8th-Grade Art Honors, Ramsey Rogers; Art I, Rachel Wehbe; Art I Honors, Audrey Guess; Art II, Rachel Hargrove; Art II Honors, Cana Brumfield; Art III, Sydney Markham; Art III Honors, Seth Miller; Fine Arts Survey, Chris Ortego; Media Arts I, Erin Oehrle; Media Arts III, Griffin Kennedy; Painting I, Madisan Milam; Sculpture, Kayleigh Nicholson.
Computer: Computer Applications, Jonathan Harper; Computer Science, Seth Miller.
Dance: Junior High Dance, Hailey Lester; Advanced Ballet, Sarah Soileau; Modern Dance, Lindsey Huynh.
Drama: Junior High Drama, Katherine Brigman; Technical Theatre, Karli Hebert; Theatre I and II, Jackie Hinkle.  
Foreign Languages: Junior High French, Alex Frederic; French I, Gareth Oram; French II, Rachel Hargrove; French III Honors, Catherine Bonaventure; French IV Honors, Madaleine Alessi; Junior High Latin, Mason Pentes; Latin I, Joseph Ismail; Latin II, Marshall Pentes; Latin III Honors, Anna Kadi ; Latin IV Honors, Alex Morgan; Junior High Spanish, Wren Brumfield; Spanish I, Farzeen Wahid; Spanish II, Madisan Milam; Spanish III Honors, Ian Lansing; Spanish Language AP, Kayla Evans.
Language Arts: Junior High - English 7, Brianna Williams; English 7 Honors, Emma Collett; English 8, Michal Gawronski; English 8 Honors, Ryan Roper; High School - American Studies English, Emma Tooraen; English I, Joseph Ismail; English I Honors, Parker Collett; English II, Rachel Hargrove; English II Honors, Aubri Watts; English III, Carson Badinger; English Language and Composition, Kayla Evans. 
Mathematics: Advanced Math Pre-Calculus, Sam Haase; Algebra I, Mason Pentes; Algebra 2, Connor Porthouse; Calculus AP AB, Anna Kadi; Geometry, Joseph Ismail; Pre-Algebra, Ali Guerin; AP Statistics, Kayla Evans. 
Music: 7th-Grade Band, Zeena Shammout; 8th-Grade Band, Reagan Kyle and Michal Gawronski; Advanced Harp: Anna Manning; Junior High Advanced Strings, Wahid Farzeen; Junior High Piano I, Sydney Worsham; Junior High Piano II, Dawson Latona; Piano I, Mia Alfonso. 
Physical Education: 7th-Grade Physical Education, Phoebe Koontz; 8th-Grade Physical Education, Emma Allerheiligen; Physical Education I, Madisan Milam; Physical Education II, Jackie Hinkle; Sports Medicine, Spencer Spivak; Sports Medicine II, Blake Pourciau.
Science: Biology, Minna Ismail; Biology Honors, Connor Porthouse; Chemistry, AnnaClaire Courville; Chemistry Honors, Eric Ho; Chemistry AP, Anna Kadi and Kayla Evans; Earth Science, Cooper Smither; Environmental Science AP, Anna Somerville; Life Science, John Morgan Latona; Life Science Honors, Emma Collett; Physical Science, Dawson Latona.
Social Studies: American History, Anna Kadi; American Studies History, Daniel Mayeaux; Human Geography AP, Connor Porthouse; Jr. High American History, Emma Collett; Louisiana Studies, Dawson Latona; Social Justice, Collin Bueche; U.S. History AP, Kayla Evans; World Geography, Joseph Ismail; World History, Sam Haase; World History AP, Eric Ho.