Over and Under the Waves


 Pirate ships and sea creatures dominated the Elementary Drama Room stage this week as upper and lower elementary students debuted two plays set above and below the deep blue sea.
In Pete the Pint-Sized Pirate and the version featuring a female lead, Peggy the Pint-Sized Pirate, upper elementary drama classes presented the story of a young pirate who sets off on a quest to save a crew captured by a sea monster. Directing the three performances was elementary teacher Kendall Krebsbach. 
Second- and third-grade drama students presented the whimsical children's musical, Journey of the Noble Gnarble. The plot follows the adventures of a little sea creature called a gnarble that dwells exclusively on the ocean floor.  A little gnarble with adventure in its heart uses determination and gumption to find a way up to the surface of the ocean, a place no gnarble has gone before, to catch a glimpse of the sun. The show was directed by elementary teacher Julie Horridge. 
Congratulations to all of our talented actors and directors.