Hitting High Marks in 4th- and 5th-Grade Solo and Ensemble Festival


Many of our 4th- and 5th-grade band students participated in the Solo and Ensemble Festival held May 17 in the performing arts classroom building. Performing as soloists, members of ensembles, or both, students appeared before judges not affiliated with Runnels and were rated on their level of accomplishment. Congratulations to the participants and 4th-5th Grade Band Director Shanna Drescher.
5th-Grade Band - Superior Ratings: Kareen Badawi, Malek Badawi, Allie Bethea, Cole Brown, Katherine Campbell, Cooper Coates, Asher Davis, Grant Denicola, Arthur Donaldson, Talisa Ellsworth, George Forgey, Summer Guerin, Ben Hader, Rossie Harrison, Lily Hayden, Ali Ismail, Caleb Johnston, Kate Kelfstrom, Alaysia Mandujano, Ava McCann, Nic Middlebrook, Reed Miller, Alyssa Oubre, Hope Oubre, Andrew Page, Caroline Pousson, Conor Reynolds, Stuart Roark, Megan Shaneyfelt, Mikalynn Shay, Samantha Shilling, Jossy Stegall, Paul Stevenson, Addison Watson, Harrison White, Reilly Wilks and Olivia Williams.
5th-Grade Band - Excellent Ratings:  Sean McGee, Gavin McManus.
4th-Grade Band - Superior Ratings:  Olivia Brunner, Christian Calliouet, Nathan Coxe, Dylan Evans, Annie Garrison, Gibson Guay, Amelia Guess, Ashlynn Harper, Cosby Harris, Luke Hillman, Wyatt Horridge, Danyel Howell, Leyna Huynh, Addison Latona, Sadie Miller, Jordynn Osbourne, Carter Parsons, Mason Pizzalato, Carli Shay, Jenna Sheikha, Lilah Wartelle and Harrison Whittemore.
4th-Grade Band - Excellent Ratings:  Jake Carey.