Runnels Poets To Be Published in Anthology


Twenty-three Runnels students have had their poems accepted for publication in Creative Communication’s upcoming anthology, A Celebration of Poets. Only 50 percent of all entries were chosen to be included in the volume.
In a letter to high school English teacher Michele Stanfield, who submitted poems written by Runnels 9th graders, Creative Communication editor Thomas K. Worthen wrote: “The list of your students that have been accepted to be published represents a lot of talent, hard work and dedication from your teachers and students….Your school stands out and will be recognized in the anthology as receiving a Writing Achievement Award. This honor is given to the top 10 percent of the schools who entered the contest. The schools are chosen based on the number and quality of the entries accepted.”
The Runnels poets and their poems are: grade 2 - Harper Guay, “Christmastime”; grade 4 - Gibson Guay, “Gibby”; grade 9 - Phoenix Knowles, “Summertime”; Annie Fink, “For Those Who Cannot Speak”; Minna Ismail, “Morning of Spring”; Sarah Stanfield, “Fighting for Women”; Erin Oehrle, “Peaceful Place”; Rachel Hargrove, “The Horse”; Phillip Lukinovich, “White Confetti”; Niki Barakhshan, “Perfectly Imperfect”; Isabella Hathorn, “Virtuality”; Kissa Nicholas-Whitt, “Dandelion”; Alex Johnson, “The City”; Ally Sutton, “Starry Night”; Grayson Gulley, “My Oasis”; Madelyn Burney, “Abandoned House”; Riley Mockler, “Grow Up”; Marlo Legrand, “The Daisies”; Cana Brumfield, “Foggy Paradise”; Karli Hebert, “The Peace of the Field”; Savannah McNeal, “Images in My Head”; Julia Sager, “Discrimination Elimination”; and Anisah Ashraf, “Solitude.”
In addition to Michele Stanfield, Runnels poems were submitted by elementary teachers Caroline Hader and Christine Pousson.
Creative Communication’s anthology, A Celebration of Poets is due to be published this fall.