Runnels Spring Art Show Winners Announced


The 2017 Runnels Spring Art Show held April 9 in the Catalano Gym featured more than 1,000 pieces of original student artwork from all divisions of the school.  
Awards were presented in the categories of Student’s Choice, Judge’s Choice, Principal’s Choice, Assistant Principal’s Choice and Librarian’s Choice. Artwork winning Judge’s Choice awards in grades 7-12 will be on display in the foyer of the Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre for one year. Pieces winning Principal’s Choice, Assistant Principal’s Choice and Librarian’s Choice awards will go on permanent display in school libraries and administrative offices. Jurors for the Judge's Choice award for the show were not affiliated with Runnels. 
We sincerely thank art department head Lee Brandt Randall and the art faculty -- Burgundy Brumfield, Lauren Downing, Janine Kharey, Nicole Latiolais, Milli Johnson, Frances Fresina , Sydney McGraw and Lisa Sanner -- for organizing and installing this monumental exhibition. 
Student’s Choice Winners
Grades 1-3, 2-D Art
1st place:  Lauren Ly, “Girl Tiger” (tempera) 
2nd place:  Jacob Lurker, “Cactus” (mixed media) 
3rd place:  Matthew Dunn, “Bat” (mixed media)
Honorable Mention: Tyler Felton, “In the Garden” (mixed media)
Honorable Mention: Alaina Milam, “Year of the Rooster” (mixed media)
Honorable Mention:  Riley Whittemore, “Cake” (mixed media)
Grades 4-6, 2-D Art
1st place:  Sela Basso, “Hungry Panda” (tempera)
2nd place:  Phoebe Koontz, “Friend” (pastel) 
3rd place:   Ethan Ho, “Florida Panther” (pastel)
Honorable Mention: Eli Latiolais, “Pickles” (pastel) 
Honorable Mention:  Grant Gueho, “Blue Eyes” (pastel) 
Grades 4-6, 3-D Art
1st place: Sela Basso, “The Sweet Owl” (papier mache) 
2nd place: Molly Bush, “Oliver the Owl” (papier mache) 
3rd place:  Ava McCann, “Flappy Pig” (papier mache) and
                  Leyna Huynh, “Elephant” (papier mache)
Honorable Mention: Leyna Huynh “Unnamed” (paper mache)
Junior High, 2-D Art
1st place:   Madisan Milam, “Night and YAY!”  (Prismacolor)
2nd place:  Audrey Guess, “Camel and Ice” (oil pastel) 
3rd place:  Parker Collett, “Space Toitle” (oil pastel) 
Honorable Mention:  Grace Scott, “Peacock” (oil pastel) 
Honorable Mention: Hailey Lester, “Beach Pandas” (oil pastel) 
High School 2-D Art
1st place:  Seth Miller, “Lofty Ambitions” (watercolor)
2nd place:   Alexis Rogers, “Bad Hair Day” (Prismacolor)
3rd place:    Cana Brumfield, “A Girl’s Best Friend” (oil pastel)
Honorable Mention: Ashley Stansbury, “Encroachment” (oil pastel) 
Honorable Mention:  Kaylen Howe, “Emma Watson”
High School Media Arts
1st place:   Anthony Emiliani, “Floating Rock Dream” (illustration, digital media)
2nd place:  Catherine Bonaventure, “Kendall Magazine Cover” (digital media)
3rd place:   Seth Chaisson, “Visual Story” (digital media)
Honorable Mention:  Anthony Emiliani, “Ethan Klien” (illustration, digital media) 
Honorable Mention:  Anthony Emiliani, “J.Cole” (illustration, digital media) 
Advanced Placement (AP) Art
1st place: Julia Sanders, “Sinking Fast” (Prismacolor)
2nd place:  Jasmine Felton, “…Interesting” (chalk) 
3rd place:  Emily Britt, “Self-Portrait” (Prismacolor) 
Honorable Mention:  Jasmine Felton, “From My Hand” (mixed media)
Honorable Mention:  Emily Britt, “The Death of Simon” (mixed media)
Judge’s Choice Winners
Junior High, 2-D:  Ramsey Rogers, “Louisiana Playing Cards” (Prismacolor)
High School, 2-D:  Seth Miller, “Still Life” (Prismacolor)
High School, 3-D:  Erin Oehrle, “Peace Turtle” (mixed media)
Media Art:  Griffin Kennedy, “Sheep Poly Portrait” (digital media)
High School Advanced Placement (AP) Art:  Emily Britt, “Micah Danos” (chalk pastel)
Principal’s Choice, Assistant Principal’s Choice and Librarian’s Choice Awards
Elementary Principal’s Choice:   
Alyssa Ourbe, “Hawkeye”
Ethan Ly, “Grey Spotted Cat”
Quin Dukaric, “Bella”
Elementary Assistant Principal’s Choice:  
Madison Chiasson, “Blueberry Butterfly”
Elementary Librarian’s Choice:  
Lila Brumfield, “Big Face”
Leo Morgan, “The Rain”
Jr./Sr. High Principal’s Choice:  
Cana Brumfield, “A Girl’s Best Friend” (oil pastel)
Sarah Stanfield, “50s, 60s, 70s, 80s” (Prismacolor)
Catherine Bonaventure, “Frog Burger” (digital media)
Jr./Sr. High Assistant Principal’s Choice: 
Cana Brumfield, “Cats Playing Cards” (Prismacolor)
Michael Martinez, “Satchmo” (block print)
Jasmine Felton, “…Interesting” (Prismacolor)
Seth Chiasson, “Visual Story” (digital media)
Kaylen Howe, “Emma Watson” (acrylic)
Ramsey Rogers, “Louisiana Playing Cards” (Prismacolor)