Both campuses of Runnels School will be CLOSED tomorrow, April 18 due to forecasts of enhanced risks of severe weather in the Baton Rouge area. All activities and field trips scheduled for tomorrow have been postponed. With safety as our primary concern, we are closing out of an abundance of caution. We greatly appreciate your understanding and support of this decision.




Elementary Classroom Supplies (K-6)

All textbooks and all consumable supplies are provided to students in grades K – 6. Consumable supplies include, but are not limited to: paper, pencils, student planner, organizational binder, crayons, markers, art materials, earbuds, etc.

Replacement Supplies
Should it be necessary to replace any of the following items, the corresponding replacement cost will be collected via SMART tuition.

Binder with dividers - $6   / Student planner - $7   /  Earbuds (grades 4-6)

Items Not Allowed (K-6)
- Trapper-Keepers are not allowed. They do not fit in the lockers and often create problems.
- Toys
- Money - Unless designated for a field trip or special event
- Electronics - Including: Kindles, Nooks & iPods--please refer to the Handbook for detailed policies

Textbook Covers Policy

Paper covers will be the only acceptable means of covering textbooks.

Please Note: “Stretchy” and adhesive book covers are prohibited due to the extensive and permanent damage they cause. Parents will be held responsible for replacing or paying for textbooks damaged by adhesive covers, cloth covers, or anything else other than normal wear and tear.

Jr./Sr. High Classroom Supplies (7-12)

Classroom Supply Lists 2018-19


Beginner Band Meeting & Instrument Selection Night
August 8, 2017 at 6:00 pm in the Band Room located in the Performing Arts Building 

MUSIC: Strings