Both campuses of Runnels School will be CLOSED tomorrow, April 18 due to forecasts of enhanced risks of severe weather in the Baton Rouge area. All activities and field trips scheduled for tomorrow have been postponed. With safety as our primary concern, we are closing out of an abundance of caution. We greatly appreciate your understanding and support of this decision.

College Visit Schedule

Upcoming College Visits, 2018-19


August 28th, 2nd hour – UC Berkeley (
September 7th, 2nd hour – Univ. of Alabama (
September 19th, 5th hour – Univ. of Arkansas (
September 11th, 2nd hour – Rhodes College (
September 13th, 6th hour – Centenary College (
September 18th, 6th hour – Fran U (
September 26th, 3rd hour – Southeastern (
September 27th, 2nd hour – Tulane University (
September 28th, 2nd hour – Centre College (
October 1st, 5th hour – Davidson College (
October 3rd, 5th hour – Trinity University (
October 4th, 2nd hour – SMU (
October 4th, 3rd hour – College of Charleston (
October 5th, 2nd hour – Tufts University (
October 16th, 3 rd hour – Baylor University (
October 17th, 5th hour – Northwestern La State (
October 18th, 2nd hour – NYU (
October 22nd, 2nd hour – Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) (
October 25th, 3rd hour – La Tech (
November 2nd, 3rd hour – Univ. of South Alabama (
November 5th, 2nd hour – LSU (
November 14th, 6th hour – Samford (
November 15th, 5th hour – Hampshire College (