Both campuses of Runnels School will be CLOSED tomorrow, April 18 due to forecasts of enhanced risks of severe weather in the Baton Rouge area. All activities and field trips scheduled for tomorrow have been postponed. With safety as our primary concern, we are closing out of an abundance of caution. We greatly appreciate your understanding and support of this decision.

Artistic Expressions

Creativity is a personal characteristic that typifies so much of the Runnels School family. Difficult to measure, but clearly evident when you see it, creativity manifests itself around every corner at Runnels – certainly in the art rooms and the music rooms, and on stage, but also in the classrooms and labs, and even on the athletic fields and courts. May our goal continue to be the nurturing of the creative element of teacher and student.
Dr. Kelly Runnels,
Founding Headmaster

Runnels and the arts have been close friends since the school’s founding more than half a century ago. Our unique program serving preschoolers through high school students preparing for college has always reflected the high value placed on the role of the arts in the human experience.

Visual Arts
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